Sunday, April 22, 2012

zBrush Learning: polypainting

Zbrush has a special texturing mode that allows you to use every pixel on a texture map. This method, however, leaves the texture essentially uneditable in any other normal image editing program, i.e. photoshop.  This isn't all the pretty and I could probably do a much better job if I took some serious time to do this and...if it weren't my first time. The plan now is to complete this set of basic tutorials and then do them again, but instead of building a zombie...I'll build something I can use.  Based on the list, there are only a couple sections left that deal specifically with developing the zombie. Then there are a handful of tutorials that cover, in more detail some of the newer features of the several releases of Zbrush 4.

What's been nice about these tutorials is that as I see how the process works, I see how I could set things up a bit better in the beginning to make the finish more efficient and stronger.

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